Eat Right to Promote Health and Comfort

Eat Right to Promote Health and Comfort

Turn to us for chiropractic nutrition counseling in Sioux City, IA

Changes in your diet can have a positive influence on your back, neck and joints. Butler-Townsend Chiropractic Clinic, PC offers chiropractic nutrition counseling to help you form a nutrition plan. We'll recommend various vitamins that can help you improve your muscle and bone health.

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Make sure you're getting the vitamins and nutrients you need

A healthy diet leads to a healthy body. If you're missing out on something essential, get in touch with a vitamin and supplement provider. We can assess your needs and help you figure out which supplements would be best for you.

We offer vitamins and supplements from Metagenics and NutriDyn. Call (712) 266-0500 now to speak to your local vitamin and supplement provider in Sioux City, IA.